CAMRI scholar interviewed by Medienwoche

19 October 2016
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Last week, CAMRI scholar Maria Michalis was interviewed by the Swiss online publication, Medienwoche. The article, which is published in German, discusses public service broadcasting, with a focus on the BBC. In the article Maria questions some of the UK Governement’s policies in relation to the BBC, stating that “it is one of the most important British institutions, and so its critics must be careful”. She goes on to say that pressures on public service broadcasting, including the BBC, will continue; “especially with the advent of the internet and technological convergence, the media market has grown strongly, and the broadcasters are not only competing with each other, but also with publishers of newspapers”, continuing to say that “newspapers are currently looking for a new financing model, they are trying to deal with paywalls and other methods. Broadcasters, who provide content and news for free, do not help them at all”. However, there is little evidence that the BBC – despite repeated accusations – displaces other market participants, rather “in many cases, it creates new markets. For example, with the launch of the iPlayer, which allows viewers to view programs on the Internet after they have been broadcast, a model that was then successfully copied by many other TV channels”.

The full article, in German, can be found on the pages of Medienwoche >>


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