Steven Barnett interviewed by ARD about the #DefundtheBBC campaign

Following an investigation into the origins of the #DefundTheBBC campaign undertaken by Prof. Steven Barnett and Doug Specht, and published in The Conversation last week, Barnett has spoken to […]

25 June 2020

Steven Barnett speaks to Weekendavisen about the BBC and COVID-19

Prof. Steven Barnett recently spoke to Danish magazine, Weekendavisen about the BBC’s programming during coronavirus. In the article, produced below, Barnett suggests that the BBC are doing an excellent […]

25 June 2020

Jean Steaton appears on BBC R4’s “The Phoney War”

Prof. Jean Seaton recently appeared on a BBC Radio 4 documentary on ‘The Phoney War”. In the documentary Edward Stourton, supported by a cast of academics, including Seaton, tells […]

25 June 2020

Steven Barnett cited in the Lords debate on the BBC

During the Lords debate on the BBC held on the 5th March, Lord Foster of Bath drew upon the writing of Prof. Steven Barnett. Drawing from Barnett’s forthcoming publication […]

25 June 2020

Musab Iqbal speaks to BBC Urdu about the violence in Delhi and the CAA

Musab Iqbal was recently invited on to the popular BBC Urdu programme Sairbeen to discuss the violence in Delhi and the future of protest against the discriminatory citizenship bill […]

25 June 2020

Steven Barnett discusses the BBC licence fee with Nicky Campbell on BBC 5Live

Last week Prof. Steven Barnett joined Nicky Cambell on BBC 5Live to discuss the BBC licence fee and the new government consultation. During the discussion he emphasised that the […]

25 June 2020

Anthony Mcnicholas speaks to iNews about EastEnders’ 35th anniversary

Eastenders has been on our screens for 35 years. First broadcast in 1985 the soap has long been covering important topics that informed the public, improved understanding of social […]

25 June 2020

Jean Seaton appears on BBC R4’s Orwell in Five Words

70 years on from George Orwell’s death, documentary-maker Phil Tinline takes five words that resonate through his work and tests out what light they can shed on our problems […]

25 June 2020

Prof. Jean Seaton interviewed by The Financial Times on Tory plans for BBC license Fee

The election win by the Conservative government under Boris Johnson will see credible threats against the BBC suggests an article in last week’s Financial Times. The article which points […]

25 June 2020

Prof. Steven Barnett questions plans to decriminalize the non-payment of the BBC license fee

Prof. Steven Barnett spoke to Channel 4 news about reports that the new Conservative government is reviving  plans to decriminalise non-payment of the BBC licence fee. The item revealed that 130,000 […]

25 June 2020
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