Steven Barnett speaks to Tagesspiegel about a possible coup in the Conservative party.

1 November 2018
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A group of British Tory delegates wants to overthrow their own government, suggests Tagesspiegel, in an article published on the 26th October. The group, it is suggested, is made up of powerful pro-Brexit supporters within the Tory faction that operate a shadow parliament with a profound impact on the future of the United Kingdom. The secret lobbying organization, with an estimated 60-80 Conservative MPs, includes several former Cabinet members. The organization has no website and no official list of members, does not publish any external searches and has been accused by the opposition Labor Party of misusing public funds. Since its inception 25 years ago, the group has been pursuing a mission: Britain must leave the EU. Since the Brexit vote in 2016, their goal is: They want a hard Brexit.

When asked whether this group of arch-Berxiteers can really overthrow the government?, Steven Barnett, Professor of Communications, said that, “absolutely, you can defeat your own party”. However, when asked if they would really seek to do this, he was more skeptical, stating that¬† No. Deep inside, they want to be absolutely sure that they will make it to Brexit on March 29, without losing their power to Labor, they are though happy to load the rifle and make sure they get every ounce of concession from May that is possible. The question is, who gives up first? “

The full article can be ready, in German, on the Tagesspiegel website.

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