Call for Book Proposals: Critical Digital and Social Media Studies

11 December 2019
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Call for Book Proposals: Critical Digital and Social Media Studies, University of Westminster Press Book Series
Edited By Christian Fuchs

Details and submission:

Submission deadline: Monday 20 January 2020 23:59 BST

My book series is looking to publish a number of new titles. The books are published as affordable paperbacks and in digital versions open access. Publishing is free of charge to authors. The digital versions are free of charge to readers.

An overview of titles published thus far is available here:

There is a preference for the submission of proposals for books whose writing can be finished and that can be submitted to UWP within the next 6-15 months. Any prior queries may be sent by e-mail to Andrew Lockett (University of Westminster Press Manager) Submissions will no longer be accepted by email. All proposals for consideration have to be presented via

The open access book series “Critical Digital and Social Media Studies” publishes books that critically study the role of the Internet, digital and social media in society and make critical interventions. Titles analyse how power structures, digital capitalism, ideology and social struggles shape and are shaped by digital and social media. They use and develop critical theory discussing the political relevance and implications of studied topics. The series is a theoretical forum for Internet and social media research for books using methods and theories that challenge digital positivism. It also seeks to explore digital media ethics grounded in critical social theories and philosophy. The book series’ understanding of critical theory and critique is grounded in approaches such as critical political economy and Frankfurt School critical theory.

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