Steven Barnett discusses tabloid coverage of Caroline Flack

19 February 2020
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Following the death of Caroline Flack, Prof. Steven Barnett has spoken to Talk Radio and LBC about the coverage of the tabloid press, and press regulation. On Talk Radio he joined Matthew Wright to discuss press ethics, and Leveson two, during the interview he called for stronger independent press regulation, that would truly hold press editors to account in cases such as those involving Caroline Flack. Barnett also explained why IPSO is not a fit regulator that allows the press to operate with impunity. When asked why the press should be regulated in an age in which anyone can comment on social media, Barnett points to the power imbalance which allows the press to create a national narrative, which can be toxic when they do not follow their own codes on ethics and appropriate conduct.

On LBC Barnett talked to Tom Swarbrick, and also discussed the failure of the press to follow the outcomes of the Leveson inquiry. In this interview he explores what is meant by the public interest, and what he calls the nasty reporting following the charging of Caroline Flack. Barnett again points to the power imbalance between the press and social media, stating that the following on, and offline, of the tabloid press, allows them to bully those in the public eye.



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Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash