Anastasia Denisova interviewed by Education Technology

6 September 2020
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Anastasia Denisova has been interviewed by Nicola Yeeles of Education Technology about the role Twitter might play in education. The article asks whether the social media revolution is putting the most vulnerable students at risk?

Denisova notes that her University of Westminster students learn more through using Twitter. She says, “When I present at international media conferences, I add bullet points and a quick summary of my presentation on Twitter; I attend the talks of other academics and provide ‘live reporting’ on Twitter. When I read a great academic article, I will share the main points as a Tweet and add a link – this means that my students and I have this depository of knowledge that we all can come back to. If students follow me, they can also explore more pathways for a media career and hopefully benefit from some of the tips they find on my Twitter.”

The full article can be read on Education Technology.

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Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash