Why we must examine Johnson’s BBC ‘choices’; Jean Seaton in the FT

1 October 2020
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Professor Jean Seaton has joined Professor Timothy Garton Ash, Will Hutton and Damian Tambini in writing to the Financial Times about the need to examine Johnson’s BBC ‘choices’. The letter, published on the FT website, expresses dismay at the decision to announce the preferred candidates for top jobs and the BBC and Ofcom, before the roles have been advertised. As noted in the letter this in opposition to the stance of the House of Lords select committee on communications, who under Lord Fowler, recommended that such appointments should be made by a selection panel with a majority of non-political members, and with a non-political chair. Only once the candidate has been selected should minsters know the name of the potential appointee.

The full letter can be read on FT.com.

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