Annual Historical Materialism Conference goes online

5 November 2020
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CAMRI’s Miriyam Aouragh is co-organiser of the Annual Historical Materialism Conference, which is taking place in an adapted form online this year. The currently confusing, worrying, invigorating political events, economic crises and pandemics invite us to take stock of some of the most important ideas and histories. You are welcome to join the HM online conference events were are offering.  HM Online 2020 takes place from the late afternoon of Thursday 5th November to the evening of Sunday 15th November 2020. All events will be free, although we encourage participants to support the programme through voluntary donations to help us meets the cost of promoting, administering and running the programme.

The HM Online 2020 registration is open at… .

It includes sessions that are curated and/or presented by the best contemporary thinkers in the field, e.g. on: the Covid 19 – Pandemics, Crisis, Marxism and Politics; Engels at 200; The US 2020 Election; Gender, Transgender and Queer Marxisms and Social Reproduction; Notes from Below and Workers Struggles; Historicising Law and Capitalism; Blood and Money: War, Slavery, Finance, and Empire; Art, Performance and Cultural resistance; Marxism, identity and Intersectional Frameworks; Class and Race in the US Critical interrogations of Marxist Theory and 21st century Socialist Politics; and Turkish politics We will, as always, be hosting the Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Prize Lecture.

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