Steven Barnett interviewed by CNN about impartiality and the news

20 January 2021

Following the insurrection at the US State capital, there has been much discussion about the role of media outlets such as Fox News in inciting violence . As the UK is set to see new Fox style news channels, such as GB News, Steven Barnett talks to CNN about the importance of impartiality for democracy, and the importance of Ofcom’s role in avoiding the rise of ‘shock jock’ culture.

In discussing the riots in the US Barnett stated that “The events … have been the ultimate demonstration of what can happen when those fundamental pillars of democracy break down: accurate information [and] fair information,” and while he noted that the UK’s “impartiality rules do is ensure you cannot have the kind of shock jock culture — [a] far right, or indeed far left, one-sided interpretation of events”, he also expressed concern that there could be a slow erosion of norms — combined with an anti-Ofcom push from Murdoch’s powerful papers, who may level criticisms of a “nanny state regulator telling us what we can and can’t say.”

The full article can be read on CNN Business.

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