Steven Barnett interviewed by NPR about Fox News and deplatforming

9 February 2021
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Fox News has been stoking rage on the right for decades. As the former president faces an impeachment trial for his role in the invasion of the Capitol, some are asking whether Fox News also bears responsibility for the violence. On this week’s On the Media, a look at the arguments for and against the de-platforming of Fox News. Prof. Steven Barnett joined NPR to discuss these issues and more in their latest On the Media podcast. Barnett explains why Fox News was taken off air in the UK. Noting that while the Murdochs pleaded low ratings, it is widely understood to have been a strategic decision to protect their position while Ofcom and the government were considering their case to take full control of Sky. Barnett also considered whether the US could learn anything from the UK’s impartiality regime, although he fears it may be too late.

Listen to the whole show on the NPR podcast pages, or below.

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