Manisha Ganguly wins MHP + Mischief 30 to Watch Young Journalist Award 2021

18 May 2021
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Manisha Ganguly has been recognised for the second year in a row as a MHP  + Mischief 30 to watch young journalist award winner, for her work in international affairs. Awarded by Mischief PR and the consultancy firm ENGINE MHP the award recognises Ganguly’s contribution to journalism and the impact of her work. On hearing that she had won Ganguly said “I am immensely thankful to MHPC and MischiefPR for this award, and honoured that they have chosen me for this two years in a row!”

Ganguly is pursuing a PhD with CAMRI, examining the use of automation and AI in investigative journalism. She has previously been invited to present her research by BBC News Labs, among others. She works as an investigative journalist for BBC Newsnight and BBC Arabic Digital Documentaries, using mostly open-source techniques. Ganguly is a seminar leader at the university, specialising in media economy, history of the internet, and hackerculture.



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