Christian Fuchs speaks to Forbes as part of this year’s Doctor Who birthday celebrations

30 November 2021
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With the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who’s first broadcast just around the corner, have started the party early with an ode to the worldwide cultural phenomenon. The article by Peter Suciu, notes that despite starting with a shoestring budget, the show was captivating audiences almost as soon as it began airing on November 23rd 1963.

In the article, Christian Fuchs states that the show is more than just sci-fi fun, but that “Doctor Who is part of the now 100 year-long history and success of the BBC. Doctor Who has accompanied generations of viewers of public service television. It reflects the combination of two elements of the public service ethos, namely to educate and entertain,”. Fuchs goes on to say that “Doctor Who’s success has to do with its audience’s interest in the idea of time travel, a major science fiction trope reflected in the likes of H.G. Wells’ book Time Machine (1895), Robert Zemecki’s movie Back to the Future (1985), or television series such as Doctor Who, Timeless, Quantum Leap, 12 Monkeys, Outlander, and Dark.”

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Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash