Jean Seaton on The Government vs the BBC for Politico’s Westminster insider Podcast

23 November 2021
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Professor Jean Seaton appeared on last week’s Westminster Insider Podcast. During the show, which is produced by Politico, presenter Jack Blanchard picked through the long and turbulent relationship between the government and the BBC, and asked why these two great pillars of British public life can’t seem to get along.

Blanchard was joined by veteran BBC Radio 4 presenter and author Edward Stourton and BBC historian Professor Jean Seaton to discuss the checkered history of government/BBC relations, from the 1926 General Strike right through to the modern day — via World War II, the Falklands and Iraq. Former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale and Jeremy Corbyn’s former aide James Schneider also offered critiques from the Right and the Left, each suggesting the Beeb struggles with ideas it sees as outside the mainstream. And the BBC’s current Executive Editor for Politics, Katy Searle, offered a firm defense of the corporation’s approach — revealing the angry 6 a.m. phone calls she frequently receives from Downing Street.

Listen below, or on the Politico Website.


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Image by Dan Johnston from Pixabay