Steven Barnett calls Government interference in reappointment of Channel 4 directors ‘Shocking’

15 December 2021
  • Big4jan2016

The UK government has blocked two Channel 4 directors from rejoining the broadcaster’s board, reports the Financial Times. The article, by Alistair Gray, notes that critics have described the decision as part of a ‘broader effort by the government to influence decision making in leading cultural and media institutions, particularly through an assertive approach to directorships’. One such critic is Prof. Steven Barnett who is quoted as saying that “the interference by ministers was really quite shocking”, and who points out that “This is a channel which is required by statute to have regard to diversity and has a very proud record of doing just that” He continues: “For Channel 4 of all organisations to end up with an all-white board is, to put it mildly, very unfortunate”. Barnett also called on ministers to explain the rationale for the latest decision.

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Image: wikimedia Commons

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