Alessandro D’Arma and Maria Michalis participate in the RIPE@2022 conference

11 October 2022

At the end of September 2022, Alessandro D’Arma and Maria Michalis (co-Presidents of IAPMR) participated in the RIPE@2022 conference Between the Fourth Estate and the Fifth Power Conservation and Innovation in PSM Journalism” in Vienna, where they chaired the workgroup “Challenges and developments in news and current affairs across relevant platforms,” and presented their work in progress on “Platform dependency and public service news delivery through social media: An exploratory study of the BBC’s strategy.” Alessandro and Maria also separately presented work atThe role of media regulation and Ombudsman in the context media and communication transformation in Latin America” conference organised by ALAIC, IAPMR and OID. Their video presentations (in English with Spanish subtitles), and the entire session, are available on YouTube.

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