Winston Mano Speaks to Sovren about Internet Censorship

21 April 2023

What Internet Censorship Costs Society – powered by

CAMRI’s Winston Mano was interviewed about big technology companies’ monopoly and how this is impacting on internet freedom. The interview, an episode of Cost of Everything on Sovren.Media, took a closer look at an internet giant, Facebook, and its monopoly over internet access on the African continent. The discussion considered if African nations are being held hostage by this social media giant for access to the web. Host Christy Ai specifically asked Mano about the dangers of internet censorship, and what it costs the economy when the internet gets shut down, and the citizens are disconnected. Mano argued that a stakeholder approach is needed to counter state and platform power when it comes to internet censorship.  The full interview can be accessed here:
Spearheaded by Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist, Ben Swann, Sovren is made by creators for creators. Its mission is to create an uncensored, blockchain-based, decentralized news and entertainment platform with a funding mechanism for independent media.
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Image and Video:, with kind permission