Public Service Media (PSM) and Sustainability workshop

29 June 2023
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Public Service Media (PSM) and Sustainability was a one-day workshop organised by Alessandro D’Arma and Maria Michalis in collaboration with the Public Media Alliance and the International Association of Public Media Researchers, IAPMR (of which they are the co-Presidents). The event, funded by the University of Westminster’s UKRI QR fund, took place on June 13, 2023 in Cavendish Campus.

A small number of academics and representatives from PSM organisations (from Canada, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan) made presentations and discussed various aspects of sustainability relevant to PSM.

In their presentation, Alessandro and Maria put forward a holistic approach to sustainability, stressing the interdependencies of its three main aspects – economic, social, environmental – and examining the relevance of each to PSM.

A summary of the workshop was published by the Public Media Alliance on their website.

A report will follow in the autumn. Stay tuned!


Photo Credit: Harry Lock / PMA

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