Congratulations to CAMRI PhD Graduate, Dr Ruiyue Zhang

19 December 2023
We are delighted to share the news of Dr Ruiyue Zhang’s award of a CAMRI PhD on the 18th of July 2023. Her thesis, titled “Hegemony of BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera’s Framing of Protests in China: The Cases of Wukan and Hong Kong”, was examined by Professor Jingrong Tong (School of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Sheffield) and Dr Anastasia Denisova, (University of Westminster).
Following the VIVA, Ruiyue stated: “I would like to thank Professor Winston Mano, my first supervisor, for his dedicated efforts to lead me on this path via face-to-face lecturing and supervision. He has also given me great encouragement and reassurance during the hard times. I feel honoured to be led by his aspiration to give more voices to the second and third world, and I want to continue this path, no matter what lies ahead. I also want to thank my second supervisor, Dr Xin Xin, who gave me inspirations on globalisation and ideology, and strengthened my belief that I could finish my research ahead of time. I am grateful for the academic help from Dr Anthony Mcnicholas and Dr Alessandro D’Arma, who gave me some helpful suggestions during my PhD journey. I want to especially thank my Internal Examiner Dr Anastasia Denisova, who read my thesis meticulously and gave me many constructive ideas during the annual progress reviews. I am equally grateful to Professor Jingrong Tong for acting as my External Examiner. Furthermore, I want to thank the University of Westminster for providing a good academic environment with all the necessary resources and facilities”.
Prof Winston Mano, Director of Studies, stated: “Dr Ruiyue Zhang had a difficult topic, but she was innovative, hardworking, and determined throughout her PhD journey. She eventually contributed a nuanced and original analysis of the global news media coverage of protests in China from both the theoretical and empirical perspectives. Using discourse analysis and other techniques, her study draws our attention to the salient silences and presences in the coverage of protests in China by BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera English”.
We wish Ruiyue continued success in her future endeavours!
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