Jean Seaton discusses the literary legacy of Tea for a BBC podcast

19 December 2023

Prof. Jean Seaton has appeared on an episode of the BBC’s Empire of Tea Podcast. Throughout the series, Sathnam Sanghera tells the story of the UK’s national drink and its imperial past. In episode 9, ‘A nice cup of Tea’, Seaton explains the links between tea, literature, and George Orwell, who once described tea as “one of the mainstays of civilization in this country.”

Seaton explains how tea features throughout his writings as a mainstay of the English working classes. Sanghera and Seaton also discuss the political nature of Orwell’s rejection of tea from China over other blends. As well as how tea might well have changed the culture of the English, especially as a ritual that developed during the war periods.

The full episode of the podcast can be listened to on BBC Sounds.




Photo by Miti on Unsplash

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