Steven Barnett speaks to the Guardian about the BBC Licence Fee increase

19 December 2023

Prof. Steven Barnett recently spoke to The Guardian about the changes to the BBC licence fee. The fee is due to be increased by £10, to £169.50 a year. For some this is seen as too low, with the current £159 annual fee having been frozen for two years, it would have needed to have increased by about £15 to be in line with inflation.

Barnett himself is concerned by this lower increase, noting in the article that the BBC had already made serious cuts after accepting a two-year freeze in return for inflation-linked increases from 2024. “By reneging on its deal the government is yet again undermining one of the UK’s most valued and internationally admired institutions.”

The full story can be read on the Guardian Website




Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

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