Steven Barnett speaks to Handelsblatt about GBNews and the UK shift to the right

4 March 2024

Steven Barnett recently spoke with German newspaper, Handelsblatt, about GB news. The article, written by Torsten Riecke, notes that GB News, founded by conservative investors, aims to steer the political debate in the UK to the right, similar to Fox News in the US. Riecke also suggests that despite claims of promoting balanced debate, the channel’s heavy focus on right-wing figures has led to concerns about journalistic impartiality and the potential for spreading conspiracy theories. The article goes on to say that critics worry that GB News could further polarise the already divided political landscape in the UK, especially if the Conservative Party faces significant losses in the next election. While the channel’s owners deny having a one-sided agenda, observers predict that GB News will continue to influence public discourse and shape the direction of political debates in the run-up to the election.

In the article, Steven Barnett expresses his concern that nine months before an election, GBNews is pushing debates and discourse further to the right.

The full article was published in Handelsblatt on 21 February and can be read below.





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