Steven Barnett speaks to The Times about GBNews’ potential breaches of the broadcasting code

4 March 2024

Steven Barnett recently spoke to The Times about potential breaches of the broadcasting code by the news channel GB News. The article, by Alex Faber, reports that the UK broadcast regulator Ofcom is investigating whether the channel broke impartiality rules after complaints were made about a programme featuring the Prime Minister being questioned by a studio audience, which is alleged to have been partisan and one-sided. Ofcom has the power to impose sanctions on GB News if it is found to have violated broadcasting standards. GB News has faced criticism since its launch for its right-wing editorial stance and controversial presenters, including a number of Conservative MPs. In the article, Steven Barnett said he believed Ofcom had chosen to investigate to send a message to GB News.“It’s about bloody time,” he said. “I don’t think that GB News has been treating a number of major topical issues with the balance that is required and Ofcom has begun to get the message that it hasn’t been doing its job properly.” Barnett added that the investigation acted as a “marker” that the regulator would be monitoring broadcasters increasingly closely as a general election loomed.

The full article can be read on The Times website.



Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash


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