Decoloniality is not an event, asserts CAMRI’s Winston Mano

4 April 2024

Winston Mano recently served as a guest speaker for Regis University’s Master of Development Practice program. He highlighted that decoloniality is imperative, particularly for regions in the global South grappling with vestiges of colonialism. This concept disrupts the pervasive logic of colonialism in its various forms, challenging narratives of otherness and facilitating a recalibration of power dynamics that fosters the realization of human potential.

One significant aspect of decoloniality is its confrontation of the darker facets of modernity, including racial capitalism and settler colonialism, which persist in contemporary society. Mano stressed the necessity of dismantling the remnants of coloniality. He emphasised the need for alternative perspectives and the unlearning of ineffective approaches in media and development practices. COVID did not just expose the trouble with logics of coloniality but also reinforced the idea that we face common problems as humans that require all hands on the deck.

During the ensuing discussion, a student inquired about the effectiveness of decoloniality and its potential to effect societal change. Mano responded by emphasizing that decoloniality is not a destination but rather an ongoing journey. It necessitates a collective effort, including active engagement from the students, to challenge toxic, racist, and stereotypical paradigms within media and development arenas.

The lecture, organized by Professors Nina Miller and Susan Abbott (CAMRI) at Regis University’s Posner Centre for International Development, served as a platform to bridge the gap between practitioners and academics. Attendees, comprising both staff and students, convened online on March 28, 2023. “My students loved your presentation”, said Susan Abbott. The students enrolled in the programme aspire to engage in development initiatives spanning education, healthcare, gender equality, agriculture, among other areas, with some already actively involved in such endeavors.



Image: Rpfitzgerald, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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