Meta’s Gandhi discusses Policy Framework for Digital Platforms with Westminster students

4 April 2024
Westminster MA students engaged with policy on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp in a discussion led by Meta’s Emilar Gandhi, Head of Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Development. Speaking to Communications Policy students on the University of Westminster’s MA in Media and Development course, Gandhi talked at great length about Meta’s principles, emphasizing her company’s commitment to building safe digital communities.
Invited by the Course Director, Winston Mano of CAMRI, Gandhi highlighted Meta’s prioritizing of user well-being, valuing their input, and striving to enhance their economic prospects.  She stated that Meta facilitates the exchange of billions of daily content interactions across diverse global communities. It was a key objective to ensure platforms safety and privacy protection in ways that are in line with instruments that underpin human rights standards. “For us, safety comes first, with policy development processes that are transparent and are informed by global expertise”, said Gandhi.
Gandhi also outlined that Meta’s inclusive policy formation process was about engaging stakeholders from varied backgrounds to address multifaceted issues. In response to questions from the class, she discussed the policy development cycle of Meta’s Community Standards, enforcement and the role of external stakeholders in shaping policy.
During the session, students also raised questions about Meta’s capacity for effective global and local oversight, including within content in non-English languages. They also expressed concerns about online harm, exploitation, youth wellbeing, election integrity and the role of social media in conflict. The students  also inquired about career opportunities at Meta. Gandhi encouraged them to apply for both parttime and fulltime roles advertised on the company’s website.
In her role within Meta’s Trust and Safety Policy Organisation, Emilar Gandhi oversees a global team responsible for developing content policies through collaboration with external stakeholders such as academics, human rights experts, international organisations and civil society worldwide. She is active in global policy areas and previously served as Advisory Board Co-Chair of the Freedom Online Coalition – a group of countries committed to protecting and promoting online freedoms. Emilar holds postgraduate qualifications in Governance and Political Transformation.
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