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Yan Liang

Visiting Researcher
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Dr. Yan Liang is from Shandong University, China. Her PhD Dissertation is about ecological environment, named as “Water writing” in the Ecological Literature of Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait ”. Recently her research interests focus on: Environmental news; Ecological-literature.

Research projects: A Comparative Study of Agenda-setting in Environment

Since the beginning of the 21st century, environmental issues have become the focus of media attention. Therefore, conducting a comparative study of media agenda-setting in environment between China and the UK is Valuable in recent years. Currently, China is in the stage of “ecological civilization construction”. The environmental issues in the media mainly focus on the prevention and control of smog, energy conservation and emission reduction, soil and water conservation, etc. Since China and the UK are at two different stages of development, what is the difference between the media in the two countries in agenda-setting in environment? What is the difference between environmental protection concepts and practices? Hope to find the answer by comparing the environmental issues in the media in the two countries.