Jean Seaton appears on BBC R4’s Orwell in Five Words

12 February 2020
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70 years on from George Orwell’s death, documentary-maker Phil Tinline takes five words that resonate through his work and tests out what light they can shed on our problems today. Broadcast over 5 episodes, this Radio 4 mini series explores Fascism, Love, Truth, Law, and the concept of Big, through the eyes of George Orwell.

Prof. Jean Seaton joined them for the episodes on Fascism, Truth and Love. During these episodes she shared her extensive knowledge of the life and works of Orwell, helping us to undertand these complex topics with the help of Orwell.

All of the episodes can be found on the BBC Radio 4 wesbite, and through BBC Sounds.


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Photo by Ethan Rougon on Unsplash