Pieter Verdegem interviewed by USA Today about the future of the internet

9 February 2021
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Pieter Verdegem has been interviewed for an article by USA Today, Tech, about the future of the internet. The article, by Michael Braga, responds to Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s comments about the need for a reimagining of the internet to to fight back against the consolidation of power by big tech. Verdegem reflects Berners-Lee’s concerns that a handful of giant monopolies and countries are bent on collecting personal data rather than creating a free exchange of ideas. Verdegem notes that “Once a platform becomes dominant, it is able to collect more data,”; “That is what we are seeing around the world, and it explains why we have the so-called GAFAM – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft – in the U.S. and the so-called BAT – Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent – in China.”

Data, Verdegem suggests, should be looked at as something that’s not owned by individuals or companies, but by society.

Read the full article on USA Today.

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