Jean Seaton discusses the Overton Window with Helsingin Sanomat

Prof. Jean Seaton recently spoke with Finnish media outlet Helsingin Sanomat about the role of public broadcasters in maintaining a nations resilience to crisis. in the interview Seaton notes […]

8 August 2023

Jean Seaton quoted by the Economist on why interest in George Orwell and his dystopian fiction remains high

Professor Jean Seaton has been quoted in an article in the Economist which explores the enduring love for the work of George Orwell. The article, which takes two new […]

8 August 2023

Doug Specht speaks to The Bunker about 4 years of Bukele’s rule in El Salvador

  Doug Specht has spoken with The Bunker Global podcast about four years of Bukele’s rule in El Salvador. The podcast focused on the special measures introduced by President […]

8 August 2023
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Jean Seaton speaks to Kitabistan about the politicisation of the Enlightenment

Prof. Jean Seaton recently spoke to Kitabistan, an Azerbaijan based publishers who work work translate texts into Azerbaijani. In the interview, which can be read in full on the […]

8 August 2023

Critical reflection on the queen’s life or the monarchy’s role in modern society limited by UK press says Steven Barnett

Speaking to Associated Press on the day before the official funeral of Queen Elizebeth II, Professor Steven Barnett noted that coverage has been ‘deferential to a fault’, and expressed […]

8 August 2023

Can conversational commerce catch on globally? – Winston Mano speaks to Vogue

  Winston Mano has spoken to Vogue about conversational commerce in Africa. Conversation commerce happens at the intersection between messaging apps and shopping, with text based conversations being used […]

8 August 2023

Steven Barnett speaks to The Tablet about the increasing collusion between the government and the press

Professor Steven Barnett has spoken with Julia Langdon for an article on collusion between the government and the press, published by The Tablet. The article explores the ways in […]

8 August 2023

Professor Jean Seaton for Times Radio on the relevance of George Orwell

Professor Jean Seaton, Professor of Media History at the Westminster School of Media and Communication and Director of the Orwell Foundation, was featured on Times Radio’s breakfast show discussing […]

8 August 2023

Pieter Verdegem interviewed by USA Today about the future of the internet

Pieter Verdegem has been interviewed for an article by USA Today, Tech, about the future of the internet. The article, by Michael Braga, responds to Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s comments […]

8 August 2023

Ed Bracho-Polanco interviewed about Parler and the right-wing exodus from Twitter

Ed Bracho-Polanco has been interviewed by the Media Diversity Institute about the social media platform Parler. The article, by Mikhail Yakovlev, notes that after Twitter started adding warning messages […]

8 August 2023
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