Christian Fuchs talks to Newsweek about Joe Biden and social media

5 May 2021
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Prof. Christian Fuchs was recently interviewed by Newsweek about Joe Biden and social media. The article by Jacob Jarvis compares the diplomatic and presidential styles of Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump. The article notes that as an experienced, career politician, Biden has been sold as a return to normalcy in the White House – gone are the days of late-night presidential Twitter tirades against political enemies and shock announcements on social media that set politics and the media ablaze.

In the article Fuchs told Newsweek he thinks Biden’s approach will allow him to gain attention without resorting to the Trumpian style. “Trump works with sensationalism, Biden with political ideas,” Fuchs said. “In contrast to Trump, Biden will grab headlines with policy ideas instead of sensationalism. He and other non-populist politicians can redefine the way social media works away from superficiality, tabloidization and sensationalism towards policy ideas, debates and arguments.”

The full article can be read on the Newsweek website.

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