Maria Michalis participates in a roundtable on Video Streaming

13 October 2021
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Last week, Maria Michalis participated in a roundtable on Video Streaming at the International Institute of Communications Annual Communication Policy conference, joining high-level representatives from Warner Media/AT&T, the Walt Disney Company, and the national communication regulatory authority of Colombia. She spoke about the opportunities and threats that transnational OTT streamers present to national creative ecosystems.

The session examined streaming business models  including considerations for regulators and policy makers as they balance innovation, economic impact and growth of support for the local content and creative ecosystems

Moderator Clive Kenny, Frontier Economics

José Fernando Parada Rodríguez, Audiovisual Content Commissioner, Commission for Communications Regulation, Colombia
Dr Maria Michalis, Associate Professor in Communication Policy, University of Westminster’s Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI)
Facundo Recondo, Vice President, International, External & Regulatory Affairs for Caribbean, Central and Latin America, AT&T
Joe Welch, Vice President Global Public Policy, Asia Pacific, The Walt Disney Company

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