Jean Seaton joins 100 cultural figures to discuss 100 years of the BBC for The Observer

21 February 2022
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To celebrate 100 years of the BBC The Observer Magazine brought together 100 cultural figures to give their thoughts on the history of the corporation. Prof. Jean Seaton joined the likes of David Hare, Ali Smith, Steve McQueen, Russell T Davies, Meera Syal, Melvyn Bragg and others tackle some difficult questions about the corporation’s prospects to mark its centenary – and pick the shows they’d like to take to a desert island.

In Seatons contribution she noted that “in 1922, ‘press barons’ would have strangled the BBC at birth if they had understood how important it was going to be. Now, vast groups with a direct financial interest in a smaller BBC and not a wisp of concern for British citizens are in coalition with malignant forces that wish to reshape UK politics by stealth”.

Read all 100 contributions on the Observer Website.

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