Jean Seaton launches new resource on impartiality at the BBC

26 October 2022

As part of the history of the BBC Series, Prof. Jean Seaton has produced a new resource on the impartiality of the corporation. The resource, which is free to access, provides a history of the BBC and its Charter, as well as exploring the issues and difficulties of remaining impartial.

The resource draws upon historical documents and archive footage to tell the story of the BBC from its inception right up to the controversies the corporation has faced in 2022.

Seaton notes in the introduction to the resource that “impartiality is always changing; what is seen to set its limits alters as circumstances throw up new views of things, yet the sincere attempt to be fair and open-minded is urgent, ongoing and vital. Arguments that it is not ‘perfect’ or at times a defence for entrenched power have a point. However there is no alternative to the attempt except partisan propaganda. While impartiality has a history before the BBC makes it its own, in the hands of the BBC it became a revolutionary new practice.”

The resource provides a perfect introduction for media students, schools, and those interested in the history of the BBC.


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