Doug Specht speaks to The Bunker about 4 years of Bukele’s rule in El Salvador

8 August 2023


Doug Specht has spoken with The Bunker Global podcast about four years of Bukele’s rule in El Salvador. The podcast focused on the special measures introduced by President Bukele in March 2022 to curb gang crime, and which have seen more than 70,000 people arrested and held in increasingly over crowed prisons. Specht noted that this is not the first time that such plans have been put in place by the Salvadoran leadership, and that often they end in a return to violence. Specht also discussed the rise of Bukele and how he emerged as an alternative to the two mainstream parties that had dominated politics since the civil war.

With an election looming in February 2024, Specht warned listeners to take note of the rhetoric used by Bukele, who calls himself ‘The Dictator’ on Twitter (X).

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Photo by Esaú González on Unsplash

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