Helen Jay speaks to Public Media Alliance about how we can regulate social media

7 October 2023

CAMRI Doctoral Researcher Helen Jay recently spoke to the Public Media Alliance’s Media Uncovered Podcast.

The episode – the final episode of a mini series on social media – guests were asked how can we regulate social media? From news media bargaining codes to the European Media Freedom Act, the episode explores what’s being considered by legislators around the world, and whether it’s enough.

The episode was presented by Harry Lock, with guests: Pascal Albrechtskirchinger (ZDF), Helen Jay (University of Westminster), Courtney C. Radsch, David Sutton (ABC). Reporter: Desilon Daniels (PMA). Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still and Tom Brazier. Special effects: Studio Kolomna, Microsammy and pixabay.


The Media Uncovered Podcast seems to provide insights into the world of public interest media. The series asks the biggest questions facing the industry: What are the threats facing trusted, independent media? How can public media remain relevant and best demonstrate their value in the digital age? How do we keep journalists safe? Every month, the podcast tackles these issues by speaking to prominent commentators and practitioners about what answers and solutions are out there.


Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

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