British Broadcasting Challenge write Letter to the Commissioner for Public Appointments, William Shawcross

30 November 2021
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The British Broadcasting Challenge, who count among their members Prof. Jean Seaton and Prof. Steven Barnett, have written to William Shawcross CVO, the Commissioner for Public Appointments, expressing their concern at the way in which the government is handling the process of appointing the new chair of Ofcom. The organisation notes that this is a pivotal position, given Ofcom’s centrality to the whole communications sector and its imminent appointment as regulator in the sensitive and complex area of online safety. Given the powers that Ofcom will exercise over our digital and online world, this post is key to the nation’s future economy, society, politics and information security and should not be used to reward political favours.

The letter can be read in full below;

Letter to William Shawcross CVO
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