Carl Jones speaks as part of a panel on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the American Academy of Advertising

30 March 2022
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Carl W. Jones was invited to be part of a pre-conference panel held In St Petersburg, Florida on Thursday March 24th 2022 by the American Advertising Academy (AAA). The title of Carl’s talk was ‘Racism & Classism in Mexican Advertising: The case for decolonizing’ and featured his latest research into removing colonial rules and regulations from the creative part of the advertising process.

Jones posited that the power representations that are presented through 2D advertising is the cultivated myth of the light-skinned ruling class. To counter this Jones recommends that the Advertising industry decolonize, as many parts of the message creation processes reflect and re-enforce colonial era thinking such as racism and classism. He concluded that his research is not solving the process of decolonization, but is making a small contribution to this area, with the objective of creating a more equalitarian society in Mexico.

The pre-conference began the American Academy of Advertising yearly conference bringing together ad scholars from across the United States and the globe to present their current research to their academic peers and practitioners. Representing schools such as Michigan state university, University of Texas at Austin, University of Florida, and agency Weiden & Kennedy. The AAA also publishes four Journal’s including the highly ranked Journal of Advertising.

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Image: Carl Jones