CAMRI Scholars provide evidence to The Communications and Digital Committee inquiry on the future of BBC funding

23 March 2022
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In February 2022 the UK Parliament Communications and Digital Committee launched a new inquiry into the future funding of the BBC. The inquiry follows comments by Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries that suggested  it was time to “look further into the future”, confirming a government review of the licence fee model.

The chair of the committee, Baroness Stowell of Beeston also noted that “The broadcasting landscape is shifting rapidly, with intense competition, rising production costs and changing viewing habits. Developments in technology have led to increasing choice for people about what they watch, how and when. Our inquiry will look at this changing media landscape and examine how the BBC should be funded in the future to deliver what is needed from a national public service broadcaster.”

In response to a call for evidence to the inquiry, Prof. Jean Seaton, Prof. Steven Barnett, and Doctoral Researcher Chris Day, alongside other members of the British Broadcasting Challenge, submitted a wide ranging package of research and documentation in defence of the BBC. The evidence presented is reproduced below.

Lords evidence submission
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Photo by Tom Chen on Unsplash