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Doug Specht speaks at event on Conceptualising Vulnerability in a Time of Human Rights Regression

Doug Specht spoke this week at the University of Padova, Italy as part of an event on Conceptualising Vulnerability in a Time of Human Rights Regression. The Conference, organized […]

15 November 2023

Doug Specht speaks at Transformative Connections event in Copenhagen

Doug Specht joined a roundtable on ‘conflictive territorial dynamics through collaborative mapping’ as part of the Transformative Connections event hosted by The Research Network for Global Justice and the […]

15 November 2023

Doug Specht presents at ‘greening societies’ event in Denmark

On 27th March, Doug Specht joined The Network for Global Justice and the Environmental Humanities for a discussion on ‘Greening societies with just socio-technical transformations: Joining agendas across disciplines […]

15 November 2023

Doug Specht speaks to RTÉ about the environmental impacts of data

Senior lecturer, Doug Specht, was interviewed by Irelands RTÉ about the impact of data and data centres on the environment. The article, by Aoife Ryan-Christensen, is part of RTÉ’s […]

15 November 2023

Anastasia Denisova contributes to Unfit, Unfair, Unfashionable report on fashion consumption

Anastasia Denisova has contributed to Hot or Cool’s new report on fashion consumption. The report, entitled Unfit, Unfair, Unfashionable, examines current trends in fashion consumption, in particular fast fashion. […]

15 November 2023

Doug Specht presents on environmental recovery after colonialism at the Human Rights Center Antonio Papisca

Dr. Doug Specht has presented work on environmental recovery after colonialism as part of the commemorative events celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Human Rights Centre of the University […]

15 November 2023

Doug Specht chairs session on agroecology, food sovereignty, and climate justice at El Sueno Existe

Doug Specht with Brittany Oakes of the Real Farming Trust, and Yali Banton-Heath and Joe Hope from the Land Workers Alliance. Doug Specht has chaired a session on agroecology, […]

15 November 2023
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