Film Futures and Innovation

Gillian Youngs, Professor of Creative and Digital Economy, chaired a panel on ‘Innovation and Research on Screen’ as part of a Film Futures Development Day at the MAC Birmingham […]

25th January 2018

Steven Barnett discusses Bill O’Reilly’s sexual-harassment allegations with Bloomberg Technology

Steven Barnett was interviewed by Bloomberg Technology as to the affect that Bill O’Reilly’s sexual-harassment allegations will play on the Fox-Sky bidding process. The article by Joe Mayes quotes Tom […]

25th January 2018

Jean Seaton interviewed for Boston Review’s article on Orwell

Below we reproduce an extract from the article Saving Orwell, by Peter Ross, for the Boston Globe.   “It was a bright cold day in April,” said Richard Blair, […]

25th January 2018

Anastasia Denisova interviewed on How memes are changing politics for IBT

In a world where millennials get 60% of their news from social media, memes are an important political tool. Memes are a popular means of communicating in a simple […]

25th January 2018

Gillian Youngs speaks at the ‘Internet + SHE Innovation and Development Beijing Forum’ in China

Gillian Youngs, professor of creative and digital economy and head of innovation and impact in WSMAD, was the international keynote speaker at the ‘Internet + SHE Innovation and Development […]

25th January 2018

Miriyam Aouragh interviewed about Rabat protests in Morocco for The World Weekly

The following article first appeared on and contains comments from Miriyam Aouragh on the current situation in Morocco. Thousands of people took to the streets of Rabat, Morocco’s […]

25th January 2018

Leveson recommendations only way to a truly accountable press: Steven Barnett in The Guardian

This week Steven Barnett was featured in The Guardian responding to Tim Luckhurt’s comments on the Leveson framework. His letter is reproduced here: Tim Luckhurst (Letters, 23 May) says […]

25th January 2018

Extensive coverage of Ruth Davidson’s Orwell Prize Lecture

With Orwell back in headlines due to the rise of ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news’, six books with ‘something prescient to say’ are up for best political writing prize. […]

25th January 2018

Steven Barnett On NewsWatch

This week Steven Barnett appeared on BBC NewsWatch to discuss Ofcom and the BBC. Steven Barnett outlined the changes which were implemented from the beginning of April, giving Ofcom […]

25th January 2018

Maria Michalis presents at ‘Key Trends on the Audiovisual Markers and Regulation’

Maria Michalis, European policy adviser for the European Alliance of Listeners’ and Viewers’ Associations, participated last week in the conference ‘Key Trends on the Audiovisual Markers and Regulation’ organised […]

25th January 2018
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